An NFT Inspired

By Nothing

The truth about nothing...
We are actually trying to create something, but by doing Nothing.

...I will give you some examples of doing Nothing and eventually come to the point and offer you a very special NFT! Completely in the spirit of current day Stacks trends  ;-)

The Nothing box?

I want to reiterate that this NFT was created Before Nft Marketplaces (BNM) on Stacks materialized and even Before Boombox (BB). All we knew is that we had to create something in the spirit of Nothing.

At the time, early April, there were two options to make NFT’s: (1) Boom.money and (2) the BNS contract for domains (BNS names) on Stacks.

Making an NFT with a regular public address seemed unworthy… we had to do Nothing first… so we created 10,000 public Stacks addresses to find a jewel… and behold the 9,874th address created: SP3N0TH3N7BDG4WBSYV6FE2ASSAPEGWK47EEWD9TV

That almost spells N0THing… a completely worthless activity as we would later register a HUMAN #$(*ING READABLE BNS name (= nothing.btc) so you do not have to remember that silly long number starting with SP3N0TH… and ending in ...TV

What more could we do…. It was still early days; early April, BNM (before NFT marketplace) and BB (Before Boombox) but so much was already promised… we were expecting NFT marketplaces and Boomboxes yesterday but we got... Nothing!

So in the spirit of Nothing we decided to make our own Boombox, with Boom.money obviously, and call it Edition 0, because everyone knows: 0 = nothing. And since that time we have 10 NFT’s named: “Boombox edition 0”.
We feel they should be available to the community of NFT enthusiasts. Created in the early days of Stacks and as always secured by Bitcoin!

Yields Nothing!

Yield? You know what Boomboxes do right? They have a yield payed out to the owner: boomboxes are true DeFi NFT’s. Since this one is special, it does not pay out STX as Boomboxes have done thus far.

Boombox edition 0 will have a huge payout in Nothing ;-)  (note the capital "N" that means the yield is in Nothingtokens as opposed to nothing)

Ow by the way the art is made by someone we found on duckduckgo-search, it was Nothing. It really looks like a prehistoric (BNM and BB) Boombox, right? And it is made from recycled paper, how much less of a Boombox could it be? --> Edition 0!

NFT image small

Buy a piece of Stacks’ Nothing history and get yourself a Nothing Boombox: Minted BNM and BB at Bitcoin Block #678063 on april 6th (during PoX cycle 6) by nothing.btc (SP3N0TH…TV).